Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Gears Of War Judgement Mod Tool - Download


This is a mod tool for Gears of War Judgement. This tool allows you to mod your weapons ammo for the xbox 360.
This works on retail xbox 360s , no need for a jtag or RGH. This tool was made by C0ma

How to Use

load your GearsCheckpoint save in to the tool mod as you would like rehash resign and your good to go.

1. Move your gamer profile to a usb stick with no gears data on it.  Load the chapter you want to play. Let it save the checkpoint then quit out.  This way you only have one checkpoint in the gearsCheckpoint file.

2. Open the usb stick in horizon.

3. Extract just the gearsCheckpoint save to a folder.  Make a backup in case something happens.

4. Open up the mod tool. Load your save and select gearsCheckpoint 0 which should be the only one with any characters listed.

5. Edit the amount of grenades or whatever.

6. Select Quick fix in horizon and point it to your modified save.  This will rehash and resign the file.

7.  Inject onto your usb stick and confirm your gamer profile.

8.  Choose your usb stick as the storage device when you load up gears and click continue.


Question:I cant figure out how to do is extract the check point with horizon.?

Answer: Under tools -> Choose device explorer. It will show you your usb stick and just expand the gears judgment folder.  You will see two files (player data and gears checkpoint I believe).  Either drag the checkpoint save out or right click and extract it.  ALWAYS run horizon as administrator just to be safe.



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